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Marguerite Piazza Shares
Her Amazing, Extraordinary
Courageous Life 
While Delivering A Message of
Great Hope For Everyone!

Marguerite Piazza's  auto-biography reads more like a popular novel.  Pagliacci Has Nothing On me!recounts her rise to stardom in Radio, TV, Grand Opera and as a Las Vegas head-liner from her New Orleans childhood as the grand-daughter of immigrants.  Miss Piazza reveals fascinating stories about the very birth of  television and the Golden Age of Entertainment.  The book delves behind the scenes with celebrities,managers, producers, socialites, her four husbands, six children, President Nixon, the McCarthy era and her near death experience. 

once wrote that
she was "an opera star who knows how to please both the longhairs and the crew cuts."  And the broad appeal of her book is no exception.  

Pagliacci Has Nothing On Me!
is a mesmerizing and sometimes harrowing  journey through the life and times of an unforgettable Diva. 

Coauthor Marguerite Bonnett
is Miss Piazza's daughter and the author of several screenplays, working in both design and production on several feature films.  Ms. Bonnett is also executive vice president of AccessSmart, LLC, which offers computer password management via smartcard technology.  She lives in California.